15th Ramadan… World Orphans Day

Have you ever thought how does it feel to be alone, to have no familial support, to have no parents? We depend on our parents for literally everything. No one in this world can take the special position of one’s parents, not even your siblings. Have you ever imagined how difficult life might be for the children who don’t have their parents to love and support them unconditionally and protect them from every possible disaster?

Whenever next time an orphan passes by your car, put yourself in his/her shoes, just for a moment force yourself to enter into the world of someone else deprived of basically the things a human being longs and desires for and feel what they feel every day.

Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) declared the 15th of Ramadan to be the “World Orphan’s Day” in the 40th session of OIC Foreign Ministers Council on Turkey’s suggestion. Hence, the 15th of Ramadan each year has been dedicated to all the orphans in the Islamic World. Pakistan Orphan Care Forum (POCF) is a forum based on 25 organizations that took it upon itself to start this challenging but cardinal work of celebrating the WORLD ORPHAN’S DAY on 15th of Ramadan every year in Pakistan as well.

Pakistan Orphan Care Forum put forward the request of declaring 15th of Ramadan as a day for orphans as proposed by OIC. Not only did POCF get this request approved by the National Assembly of Pakistan and Senate but also, on the other hand, it started a campaign on public forums to urge the public to celebrate this day.

A question might pop up in your mind that what basically is the purpose of celebrating World Orphan’s Day? Well let’s get this into consideration first and foremost.

Currently, Pakistan is hosting nearly 42 lac orphan population which itself is an extreme count. Natural disasters, earthquakes, war, and terrorism all have also contributed a lot in increasing these numbers. The occasional showers of bombs in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, and Palestine continue to make so many children lose their fathers or even both the parents.

There are more than 70 thousand such families living at the borders of Turkey and Syria only that have lost their fathers to martyrdom. Rohingya after being in the fire for years has now been converted into yet another remote land where innumerable children are forced to live their lives in gloominess and darkness unaware of their future. Millions and millions of children are forced to live a life of helplessness and orphanhood in South Asia and the Middle East.

Just close your eyes for a moment and imagine what state would be these millions of children of Muslim world overtaken by hunger, thirst, illiteracy, and poverty in after a period of say 15 years. Fifteen years might appear to be a long time to wait. At present, just imagining how lakhs of orphans are being tricked into sexual crimes and how they are being sold in markets makes every soul shiver with fear. It’s nearly impossible to imagine our own future bright and full of happiness and keep ourselves protected and satisfied without making the future of these children peaceful.

This is the grey and complicated side of the story. The bright side of the story is that our Holy Prophet (PBUH) told us that we are the ones who have to look after these orphans. They are our pleasant ‘today’ and they are our pleasant ‘tomorrow’ as well. The way to Allah Almighty’s happiness and will is to think that these orphans are not our ‘compulsion’ but a means of our peace and happiness. As it’s rightly said that when an orphan smiles the entire universe smiles and the air becomes filled with fragrance and happiness. Pakistan Orphan Care Forum wishes to spread this awareness by celebrating Orphan’s Day.

We wish to see these innocent souls flourish and blossom into beautiful flowers and we are sure that you stand by us in this mindset, in happiness, and in despair. Pakistan Orphan Care Forum wants you, whoever and whatever you are, to play your role in celebrating World Orphan’s Day and feel proud because of it.

  • If you are a journalist, write a column for these innocent orphans.
  • If you are a T.V. host, dedicate a program to these children.
  • If you are a teacher, dedicate a lecture of yours to these pure souls.
  • If you are any social and political personality or any eximious government position holder use your power for these children and pay visits to the organizations working for them and arrange iftars for these children.
  • If you are a religious scholar, dedicate one of your sermons (khutbas) to these orphans and enlighten people about the religious teachings in this regard.
  • If you are only the administrator of your family, then invite any orphan family to have iftar with your family, love them unconditionally and present gifts to them.

Whoever you are and wherever you are from, do as much for these children as you can for we are the ones to look after them and we will be held accountable in front of Allah Almighty.

Agosh (Orphan Car Home) is built to fulfill the sacred humanity services and bringing peace and shelter to the orphans. The basic objective of Agosh is to provide shelter and good education to the orphans and ensuring their safe future and making them productive citizens of the country.

In the project, there have been many homes built up in different cities of Pakistan to accommodate orphans on a large scale. It is not just the accommodation but there are many other things that make them good citizens including education, coaching, food, health, clothing, and many others.

There is an Independence Day, Basant Day, Labor Day, New Year’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Cancer Day and so many more dedicated to the concerned class of society. Why not we dedicate a day to the innocent souls with no parents, to these orphans and become a part of their celebration and enjoy it with them, feel their pain and share it with them. This is my eyes will be a true New Year’s night and a true Basant Day. Let’s come together this 15th of Ramadan and do whatever we can for these orphans and continue it in the years to come.


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