19 Life Hacks For Vaseline You Should Know

Vaseline is something every home has and this is something everyone looks forward to. I have come up with 30+ Vaseline hacks that will help you out every season. We will do it in 2 parts so this is Part 1 and for more hacks click here for Part 2 of the article.


Vaseline is basically branded petroleum jelly and it is made up of Hard Paraffin, Soft Paraffin and Liquid Paraffin. Now let us just jump into the hacks.

Vaseline, aka Petroleum Jelly, is the best moisturizer as its thick layer doesn’t allow water to evaporate from your skin leaving it dry. It helps to

  • moisturize your lashes helping them grow better
  • moisturize dry elbow and knees making them look smooth and healthy
  • moisturize cracked feet making them soft and less painful
  • moisturize your cuticles providing you with the best manicure
  • moisturize dry skin solving the majority of your skin problems.

Not only does it moisturise your skin, but it also aids in

  • moisturizing your scalp
  • moisturizing dry hairs

Talking about the hairs, it can also aid in

  • treatment of split ends
  • taming your flying baby hairs

You can use this not only as a moisturizer but as a

  • lip balm
  • natural highlighter by applying it directly to higher points of your cheeks
  • eyebrow gel by fixing your eyebrows in place with it
  • makeup remover

You can also use this for many DIYs like:

  • Balms – eucalyptus oil + Vaseline, it can cure headaches
  • Lipstains – eyeshadow + Vaseline
  • Blush – lipstick + Vaseline
  • Highlighter – glitter + Vaseline


  • Vaseline + sea salt = body scrub
  • Vaseline + sugar = lip scrub

That’s it for today. I hope these quick hacks were beneficial for you. If you have any questions, feel free to ask and I shall see you soon. Stick around for more posts. Thank you so much. We highly appreciate your time.

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