Are you a Riverdale Fan? Here’s your favorite characters from TV show vs the Comics

If you have seen FRIENDS, you must have heard the word Archie Comics multiple times in there. And if you are a Riverdale fan, you must have known ’em in person.                   First they were just simple comics characters then in 2015 they got a serious make over. And then, in 2017, they were even more serious looks in Riverdale by THE CW. They are the Archie characters, lets have a look how are they in Riverdale and how they looked in…

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Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindlewald Official Trailer Review

Hogwarts is my home The official trailer of Fantastic Beasts and the Crimes of Grindlewald is finally out. If you haven’t watched it yet I will insert it below. The movie is going to be released on November 16, 2018. Now let’s jump straight into the review. After watching the trailer you would have already felt the intensity it has. It’s really cool how Fantastic Beasts 1 was just an introduction and now Fantastic Beasts 2 is way more familiar. They really established the characters in Fantastic Beasts 1 and…

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What is cryptocurrency – All you should know about

What is cryptocurrency Ever played Subway Surfers? If yes, you definitely must have the idea of earning coins by accomplishing different tasks. That is the thing within a game. You play a game, you complete missions within the game, you earn coins and then you utilize those coins within the game. Cryptocurrency is almost like that kind of a thing. Difference is, that for now, as it is something new, you buy the coin; digital currency, and you can utilize that to buy your stuff. May be in future, you…

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AVENGERS : Infinity War . . . Review (No Spoilers)

AVENGERS: Infinity War I have watched all the movies from “The Hulk” which released in 3000 starring Eric Bana to the last Marvel movie Black Panther. I waited for each Marvel movie more than the previous one and now you can imagine what Avengers : Infinity War meant for a Marvel fan like me. With such a huge cast and to provide all the characters with justified screen-time it was obvious that movie cannot be concluded in just 2 or even in 3 hours time. Once again I would like…

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Twitter world erupts as Korean War ends after 65 years

Korean War (25 June 1950 –  27 July 1953) was a military conflict between the Republic of Korea (South Korea), supported by UN and USA, and the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (North Korea), supported by China, with material aid from the Soviet Union. They were still at cold war, as no peace treaty was signed by both parties till today. Now, as United States has removed the economic sanctions from North Korea. And an inter-Korean Summit has been signed by Kim Jongun of NK and Moon Jaein of SK…

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MERE BEWAFA – DRAMA REVIEW – APlus Entertainment

Hina seems to be the thick skinned lady without having a single layer of sympathies for any one. shugufta ejaz is a perfect example of pakistani saas. and i completely adore this character this is so pakistani mother in laws. these ladies have zero sympathies for even a seven year old kid. i personally belief that mona is becoming difficult for shahmeer and playing the perfect victim card. mona is actually hurry to tell the truth to azra but shahmeer wants to keep it as a secret and i belief…

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Khwaja Asif disqualified, PTI is celebrating while Noonies are saying it was fixed

Khwaja Asif, the foreign minister of Pakistan, is declared disqualified for the general elections of 2013 from NA-110 as he was not able to fulfill the conditions under the constitution article. For this decision, Usman Dar of PTI said that they lost to Khwaja Asif n 2013. They filled the petition of his disqualification last year for holding a UAE visa. So, after investigating the whole issue, it came into known that he was receiving foreign income and was not qualified. On this decision, people are reacting like Another historic…

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Trailor of Sanju | Ranbir Kapoor doing Justice to the character

The trailer of Sanju astonished us with its character and flawless acting skills of Ranbir Kapoor. We couldn’t even differentiate them in a few scenes! Being a die-hard Sanjay Dutt fan, we have constantly cherished the actor’s journey, especially the means he laboured the prison time he owed. Now that Rajkumar Hirani has chosen to create this movie on the actor, I’m drawn to what he has in reserve. Watch the tutorial below. Sanjay Dutt has honestly conversed about his drug abuse and misuse, being a spoilt kid and then transforming…

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Italian-Pakistani woman murdered by father and brothers in the name of “Honor Killing”

An Italian-Pakistani woman, Sana Cheema was killed in the name of so-called honor killing by her father and brother in Gujrat. Police told that they killed the 26-year old and buried her body in an area of Gujrat on 18th of April. They framed it as an accidental death. However, through social media calls, it came into known that it was a murder. According to police reports, the girl’s father wanted her to get married with one of his relative. But Sana wanted to get married in Italy. So, for…

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Bay Dardi – Highlighting HIV AIDS

AIDS is a fatal disease. In Pakistani culture, it is considered so bad that even talking about it is regarded faulty. ARY just came up with a drama “Bay Dardi”. It features Bushra Ansari, Affan Waheed and Aiman Khan. The drama is highlighting AIDS and the society’s reaction to it. AIDS is a viral disease that develops from Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). HIV impairs the immune system of humans by invading primary cells which assist in fighting diseases and destabilizing infections. The virus destroys cells so swiftly that the immune system loses…

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