Beat the heat with this refreshing aftaar drink!

As its Ramadan in summer and now a days everywhere is so hot and on fire. So, in order to keep yourself refreshing at aftaar time, you must choose the drink carefully to intake. Well, cold water is the best but here I am sharing with you a drink made of peach. It has very much refreshing and chilly effect on you all handy. Recipe is quite simple and easy to follow. You just need a few things including peaches, soda, sugar, salt and lemon as optional. For 5 to…

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Why Kendall Jenner Isn’t Seen On The Ramp Anymore??

Kendall Jenner, for sure, knows how to rock on the ramp. Many of us expect to see her through the fashion week. It appears as a shock to all of us that she hasn’t stepped any fashion week shows this year. Well, the new teaser from Keeping Up With The Kardashians could explain why. View this post on Instagram @kyliejenner LOVE cover by me ❤️ @kegrand @thelovemagazine A post shared by Kendall (@kendalljenner) on Jan 5, 2018 at 12:35pm PST Kendall Jenner actually sickens from Panic Attacks and throughout the fashion…

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Amir Khan accused of another affair and people DON’T give a damn anymore!

Amir Khan slept with the beautician, Sophia Hammani, right after 17 days of birth of his 2nd child. His wife Faryal Makhdoom confronted the beautician and forgave her. Sophia Hammani said she spent the night with Amir Khan in a hotel room. And she said: “What a f***ing a**hole. He makes me sick. I cannot believe this man.” And she said the 31-year-old former World Champion, worth £23million, left her just £20 for a cab to her home, eight miles away on the opposite side of London. Only after returning to her flat…

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8 Beautiful Na’ats which will lift up your Spirits

Naat Shareef is poetry for the praise of our beloved Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم. Here are some beautiful naats shared with you. 1. Ya Nabi Salam Alayka by Maher Zain 2. Maula Ya Salli Wassalam by Danish Dar and Dawar Farooq 3. Muhammad Nabi’na by Hamada Helal 4. Muhammad Nabi’na by Isa Esambaev 5. Ya Mustafa by Sami Yousuf 6. Ya Musfata by Šejla Kadić 7. Qaseeda Burda Shareef by Mesut Kurtis 8. Marhaba Ya Myustafa by A.R. Rehman 963 total views, no views today

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5 Makeup Rules Royal Ladies Have To Follow

Members of the royal family are constantly in front of the camera. Their publicity grows even more on particular events. Just like the recent wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Anyhow, Royal women’s clothing, hair and makeup are always on point. The reason is these beauty practices that the royal ladies swear by. No Bright Lipstick You will never see a woman from a royal family rocking brightly coloured lipstick. It is simply forbidden to wear red or any bold lip colour. Using any shade other than nude or…

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Race 3’s 3-minute trailer cheesed off the audience

I am sure you have watched the trailer of Race 3, if not, its here. I am going to talk about this piece of disappointment by Bollywood. To remind you, all bollywood films are banned to release on Eid for to weeks. Actually, I usually do not write on these type of things but after watching it, I thought it will be fun to review it. Lets start from the start. (What the hell has happened to me? Is it because of watching the trailer? huh? May be…. Never mind.)…

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PLANTATION DRIVE in Karachi – to combat heat wave

PLANTATION DRIVE IN KARACHI We are witnessing the hottest era of our lifetime. I am 28 years old and lived all my life in Karachi (except a couple of years in Gulf) and I have never seen such hot days back in my childhood. I am sure all my fellow Karachiites will agree with me here. It has been observed that the excessive plantation of a specific tree which destroyed our ecosystem. All the people living in Karachi already know that no one is gonna help them. So its time…

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Tribute to Junaid Jamshed – Express Entertainment Express Entertainment Ramzan transmission, Ehede Ramzan is going on with zest and zeal. The transmission which is youth based and is focused towards inculcating Islam in all fields of life, not only in Ramzan but even in the months to come. The most impressive thing about the transmission is that its paying tribute to the legendary naat khawans. Recently, tribute was paid to Siddiq Ismail and this week, the tribute is being paid to none other than Junaid Jamshed. It is a golden…

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Types of Rozay-dar… which one are you?

Let me introduce you all to the types of Rozay-dar we all come across in the month of Ramzan. 1- The Hoarder. These guys believe in eating anything and everything in suhoor and iftaar. Speed of their hoarding food is impeccable too! If you see them eating from a distance you might think that they are absorbing it all in! Although, watching them hog all the parathas, samosa, chaat and dahi baray ain’t a pretty picture at all! 2- The Hulk. Food is their weakness. They dream about biryani, they…

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New broadcast news channel by Yousaf Baig Mirza

MEDIA MOGUL YOUSAF BAIG MIRZA SET TO LAUNCH NEW BROADCAST NEWS CHANNEL FOR THE PUBLIC Karachi: May 23, 2018: Since the dawn of the new century, Media Mogul Mr. Yousaf Baig Mirza has sparked the transformation of Pakistani Media. His unprecedented success of launching and stabilising new channels in a fierce market, have triggered the confidence in Mr Baig to prove himself once again. The time has come to add another name to his remarkable portfolio: ‘Public News’ a channel created with supreme work ethic will be at your fingertips…

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