THE BIG WINNER LANDS THE BIG PRIZE OF A FREE HAIER DC INVERTER AIR CONDTIONER The big news was announced on the Gala Night of one lucky winner buying a Haier appliance and then getting it delivered to his/her home for FREE if they are the first one to order a Haier product on Daraz! Fahad Mehmood of Karachi won a Free Haier DC Inverter Air Conditioner because he was the first one to order a Haier DC Inverter Air Conditioner at 00:00:01 PST. The lucky winner got the chance…

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Awesome Beauty Tips Inspired by Bollywood Young Actresses

Long time, no beauty article? I heard you guys. We are back with an article that will help you look better and learn more about what is in. As it is inspired by the young Divas of Bollywood we are sure it’s gonna be of help. So if you are interested let’s jump into the article. 1. Brows Before Guys Khushi Kapoor can be seen twinning Kendal Jenner and we love it. They both pose like twinnies, make their pots like twinnies and the most important, they groom their brows…

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6 DO’s and DON’Ts of Fine Dinning

Going out to eat with friends is something casual but when you dine somewhere regarding some business meetings or meeting someone for first time, you gotta have some etiquettes with you. Fine dinning is not just a random place but it is a restaurant where you are offered a degustation menu, fresh cutlery for every dish and where they change their menu that suits the market availability. So, when you dine in somewhere like this, follow some don’ts there and enjoy your meal. 1. Dress up nicely Suit up! Its not…

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