5 Pakistani Mobile Apps Everyone Should Try!

When it comes to Pakistani Startup projects, we mostly heard of Sukoon, Patari and FindMyAdventure. Although these startups came handy in no time but their are many others which have the potential to bring convenience in your lives.

Here are some of those out of the world sounding services:

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You can find out the exact price of your favorite smart phone anywhere but in Pakistan’s local market, no website having international price comparison would be in tune. So, either you can follow up the old-fashioned way of market touring or you can give PriceOye! a chance to help you out.


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DealSmash is an app-based service, which offers discounts and deal alerts, based on the your preferences, location, shopping history, and a variety of other factors. The advantage DealSmash has is that the service has a lot of companies partnered up.

Its not only about online sales and deals. You can also show the app’s coupons at different shops and outlets to avail discounts while shopping at your favorite market or mall.


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Although this application seems to be focused mainly on letting you buy cinema tickets, this is also helping people to keep an eye on all the happenings in their city including concerts, festivals, and trips to interesting places.


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A lot of Pakistani startups are trying to bring some “value-added” services to the masses, but Marham’s aim is to make sure access to health care becomes easier than it has ever been. Marham has a forum where you can ask medical questions from qualified doctors.


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Like Marham, Dawaai.pk is also a startup dealing with medicine and healthcare. Although the idea is to deliver medicines to people at their doorstep in a short time span, the service prides itself on striving to provide authentic medicine to its customers.

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