6 DON’Ts of Long Hairs

Long hair doesn’t come that easily. It requires a lot of struggle to maintain them. If you’re in the process of growing out your hair or keeping them long, in this article we will share are a few things that women with long hair should not do.

1. Never use harsh shampoos

Shampoos that displace the natural oils of the scalp are a NO! You must know that the longer the hair, the drier the ends. You must clean the dirt but you can’t remove nutrients from your hair. Choose a super mild shampoo and conditioner and you will see the difference.

2. Never ill-treat wet hair

Wet hair are very prone to breakage. Never ever use the blow dryer on dripping wet hair. Make sure you towel dry hair thoroughly and maybe let it semi-air dry before you apply heat. You cannot skip hair serum and heat protectant either. Just be kind to wet hair, that’s when they’re most brittle.

3. Never backcomb your hair for volume


4. Never drench your hair in chemicals

Stay away from of alcohol-laden hair sprays and paraben-laden products. Especially when those products need to be applied to your ends. Remember, the longer your hair the more nourishment your ends need!

5. Never cancel your trim appointments

You know when your hairstylist tells you to trim your hair regularly? It is imperative to do so when you have long hair.

6. Never use plastic hair brushes

Use a ceramic or wooden bristle brush. It affects your scalp a little less and also makes sure the natural oils get evenly distributed through the hair.

These were our DON’Ts for long hairs. If you have some more tips and tricks do share them with us in comments below.

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