A Happy and Refreshing Lunch at MeiKong Fortress Stadium

It’s not often you find a fine restaurant with a passion for food so deep it inspires poetry as a way to guide you through the exploration of their culinary experience but that’s exactly you will find at some restaurants of Lahore. MeiKong comes in the list of those restaurants where you feel so special and you eat with nose, not just with eyes. The fragrances and aromas often reach you before your dish even lands on the table, infiltrating your nose and saturating your senses.


The food quality was best as always and taste was ensured. It was a fabulous food adventure and one fantastic and flavor-filled trip.

What we ordered:

I am so into trying new places and new food items from places I visit on frequent basis. But normally, I do not eat too much, so we just ordered a couple of dishes including Prawns Chow mein and egg fried rice with Kung Pao Chicken.


The chow mein was one awesome experience as the proportion of prawns with noodles was too good and the spices were great. I am a fan of spring onions and it really increases the view of a dish. The capsicum and carrots were neither too less nor too much. And most of all things, we ordered half and the serving was too much for the two of us to finish so we went for packing. I’ve always adored their serving quantity.


Rice were super and the Kung Pao chicken was average. But making it duo with rice was a great and mouth watering experience.


Fresh lime is my signature drink where ever I go dining.


Have a look at the quantity served by them which is so satisfying.


And after asking for bill, we got this saunf and sugar. A different thing to be served.


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