Man committed suicide in Haram Shareef left Muslims with mixed feelings of sorrow and confusions

Suicide in definitely haram and unforgivable sin. If it was any of the option, it will not be haram. How can someone end up his life so easily. As even our life is not ours, but Allah’s.

A French Muslim man has committed suicide in Ka’abah which has left the Muslims with the mixed feelings of sorrow and confusions.. A person’s depression is at the level that he couldn’t even get peace at the holy place of Ka’abah in the last 10 days of Ramadan..

I think depression is real and nothing can help to overcome it but talking it to someone. But there can be another face of the story, as may be its not depression, it is illiteracy. May be someone talked to him or he heard or read about getting caught by death in Ka’abah. May be he fascinated death in there. Afterall, he was converted. He may have no idea about the thing that its haram or whatever. There are mountains and other high risen buildings in Makkah, then why did he choose inside Haram Shareef.

Trust me there is another side of the story. Just wait and watch what comes up after investigations.

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