APT # 746 . . . 70 Minutes of laughter

APT # 746

I do watch stage plays at Arts Council whenever I get a chance and have watched legendary pieces like Pawnay 14 August, Sawa 14 August and Aangan Terha. This time a friend asked me to watch the play Apt # 746 at FTC Auditorium in Karachi. I had my reservations as I was not familiar with the team and haven’t watched much of their work previously.


The play revolved around Abbas (Muneeb) and Amna (Fajar) who are in love with each other. Amna’s father is a retired army officer who is coming to meet Abbas for the first ever time and is a man of principles. Abbas is a struggling artist and is trying to sell pieces from his art collection to a rich Sheikh. Abbas redecorates his Apt # 746 with furniture, paintings etc from his friend Zaaviar’s (Faraz) house.

This started a hilarious situation of laughter as a neighbor Shakeela (Zarka) also arrives unannounced along with Zaaviar himself. There’s another twist when Abbas’s ex-girlfriend Zara (Sabiha) also reaches there.


The show is hilarious from the beginning and you won’t get bored for a single minute throughout the show. The punchlines are spontaneous and will make you laugh every moment.

This is to be kept in mind that the play is for adults only and consists a lot of double meaning lines and situations. The character of Zaaviar is the best part of play and his acting of a homo will definitely impress you.


The play “Apt # 746” is a great timepass and you can even watch it more than once.



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