Aurat March Lahore: A ridiculous set of demands by feminists

Strikes, marches and rallies and the use of play cards are strong means of conveying your messages to your audience. So, it must carry messages that have more sense and can make difference. The feminists arranged an Aurat March in last days in Lahore, that was seemed to be very powerful for feminists in their struggle but coming in know about its happenings, it was shocking.

The play cards, having lines ” Khana khud garam krlo ” and ” Ghar ka kam, sb ka kam ” etc. were definitely ridiculous. Their whole point was of men being tarsh and not worthy.

Here is the glimpse of those words:

Source: Daily Times

And another one:

Source: Daily Times

Rather than talking about basic human rights and the issues which women are facing in real, those so-called feminists were taking into account the total drama. The women who are facing the issues were not even the part of that rally.

There must be some real issues to talk about, like women empowerment, their rights in getting education and jobs. We should stop the workplace harassment and men should really cooperate with their women. This is not about “not making up their lunch” by themselves, as they can do this obviously. But it is in understanding them and making them what they truly want to be.

Feminism is about equal rights for women in the world wherever needed. Its not about asking for the things which make them a piece of fun in people. Its not about hating men, it is about making yourself stand with them. Asking your basic human rights and fighting to get them.

Source: Odyssey

I also am a feminist. I need basic rights which I deserve. I’ve seen women underestimating other women and disrespecting them in any way. I need that to be stopped. Our perceptions are needed to be changed, in a positive way, after-all.

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