#ItsTimeToAct with Wasim Akram & Novo Nordisk

This World Diabetes Day Pledge to Act at the Right Time & Make the Right Choices. November 2018, Karachi, Pakistan – During November, 10th to the 20th, (Diabetes Awareness Month) Wasim Akram and Novo Nordisk are coming together to initiate a 2-week long campaign to not only spread awareness but to also trigger the right kind of lifestyle changes, choices that are essential to living with Diabetes. Wasim Akram invites Pakistan to take part in the #ItsTimeToAct challenge, a 2-week long challenge that will run online and is open for…

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Indian media upset at Ambassador Ali Jehangir for bringing Pak and US closer

Pakistani Ambassador to the US, Ali Jehangir Siddiqui’s efforts for improving Pakistan’s relationship with the United States are bearing fruits. A powerful Jewish American group’s chairman supported Pakistan’s position on closer defense cooperation and recognized Pakistani nation’s great sacrifices in the war on terror. Ali Jehangir Siddiqui is the man responsible for this positive shift of attitude as all this happened after he met this group and advocated for Pakistan’s success in fighting terror. Unfortunately, since then Indian media is busy attacking Mr Rosen for his support of Pakistan and labeling him…

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Pakistan US Alumni Network (PUAN) hosted an Iftar with the children of SOS Village.

Pakistan US Alumni Network (PUAN) hosted an Iftar with the children of SOS Village. The event tittled ‘Umeed Ki Kiran’ was organized to depict their support and embracement of the spirit of giving during the holy month.  The PUAN believes in enriching the lives of others within the local community through caring and sharing brings happiness to those that are lesser privileged in society. Director SOS Village, Almas Butt and Former President Seeds of Peace appreciated the activity organized by PUAN Lahore. She also requested PUAN to conduct series of…

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Chickiza by bhooka brigade – A chicken lover’s dream come true

Like a true foodie, I keep trying new things and sometimes, I want things to be made differently. I don’t have a lot of time to try baking but I’ve always wanted a pizza or something like pizza to be more than a dough. Bhooka Brigade granted my wish as they introduced Chickiza – Crispy battered boneless chicken piece fried to perfection and topped off with gooey mozzarella sauce.   The moment I saw it on facebook, I picked up my phone and ordered it online. It was at my…

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A perfect deal for #MomAndMe at an unbeatable price!

Remember your mom taking you to McDonald’s as a kid for your all-time favourite meal? McDonald’s has always been a part of our life and some great memories with mom. Be it on the way home from school or out for shopping, we have always stopped at McDonald’s to sink teeth in their signature burgers, crispy fries and delicious nuggets. Pakistan’s on-demand food delivery app, foodpanda, knows this very well and this Mother’s Day, it gave us a reason to recreate these moments with mom over a fast food bite…

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Education In Pakistan

Periodically, Punjab’s CM gathers the government officials from the department of education around a table for a meeting. They seem to discuss all the problems and work on the solution, as it seems but the on ground situation begs to differ as the school reforms in Punjab are taking place with a pace rarely seen anywhere in the world. Same goes for the rest of country. In fact, describing Pakistan as an under-performer in the field of education would be the understatement of millennia. Our education has long been atrocious.…

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There is a price for everything including education!

In the past few days, I have seen a large number of people, including parents, their children and members of civil society protesting against fee hike by private schools. I went through the comments and status messages on social media and found that one of their major concerns was the fee these schools collect during summer vacations. They blamed private schools for having no empathy for parents or children. According to the protesters, education is a basic human right and by raising fees, the private schools are depriving many from this basic…

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