AVENGERS : Infinity War . . . Review (No Spoilers)

AVENGERS: Infinity War

I have watched all the movies from “The Hulk” which released in 3000 starring Eric Bana to the last Marvel movie Black Panther. I waited for each Marvel movie more than the previous one and now you can imagine what Avengers : Infinity War meant for a Marvel fan like me.

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With such a huge cast and to provide all the characters with justified screen-time it was obvious that movie cannot be concluded in just 2 or even in 3 hours time.

Once again I would like to say that I will try my best not to write any spoilers for you and will not spoil the movie for you.


The movie started with Thanos looking for infinity stones and torturing a very famous character to get a stone. The 6 infinity stones are all showed in the previous movies (or at least some basic info is provided about them in some way).

Tony Stark, Peter Parker and Doctor Strange joins hand to stop Thanos from getting all the infinity stones. This needs to be done because if he gets all the infinity stones he will be able to wipe out half the humanity with just a snap of fingers. They later joined those who were unexpected to be seen with them. Thor is seen teaming up with Rocket and Groot on his own expedition.

Team Captain America is found on the other side of continent in Wakanda with Black Panther. But there is one thing common. Despite of their internal difference they all want to stop Thanos.

A lot of things are still pending from Civil War. The conflicts are still not sorted out between Tony and Captain. Will not reveal much but the end will break your heart in a million pieces and will leave you devastated.

As mentioned above, due to the number of characters and to justify with the story it was impossible to conclude it in just 2 hours and 40 minutes of a movie so we will be getting the next installment of Infinity War and that is official news and so not a spoiler.


There was no face-off between Steve Rogers and Tony Stark after the Civil War. So we still don’t know if they are gonna reconcile and if Tony will forgive Bucky.

The relationship between Natasha Romanoff and Bruce Banner is still going nowhere.

And most importantly how long we have to tolerate the irritating and senseless superhero Black Panther.

I don’t hate Black Panther. But I feel this movie was only successful because it was the first Marvel movie with a Black superhero. The character, movie and actor is highly overrated. The beauty of Marvel movies is that there is proper explanation of each technological advancement as seen in Iron Man series but here you won’t be able to absorb a necklace turning into a whole suit.

Since Thor: Ragnorak you may also start questioning the character of Hulk. From Eric Bana’s and Edward Norton’s Hulk we have witnessed it to be a scary, angry and painful state for Bruce Banner which he wanted to get rid of. The funny hulk laughing and making jokes with Thor we witnessed in Ragnorak is slowly changing the image of an angry monster thus killing the essence of Hulk. Same is witnessed here in Avengers: Infinity War.


Peter Dinklage makes an appearance as EITRI, King of the Dwarves of Nidavellir in the film. Eitri is the giant-sized dwarf who famously forged Thor’s magical hammer Mjolnir.


Watch this movie if you are a marvel fan but keeping in mind that you won’t be getting a happy ending. The movie is not conclusive and you have to wait one more year for that. The end will be devastating for you.




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