Bandish – A piece of fine quality acting

Whenever we talk about Media Industry, First thing that comes in our mind is Pakistani Drama Industry. We all know how hit our dramas are all over the world and we all are proud of it! Horror series are one of the most loved ones. And if a horror drama is topped with some romance and chemistry, its a great treat!


ARY’s recent serial ‘Bandish’ have won many hearts across the globe! This drama have a perfect mix of fear and romance. The production is of Big Bang Entertainment and is directed by Aabis Raza. It was made by making sure every part of the show is entertaining the audience. Every episode reaches the trending section of YouTube!

Black Magic is a bitter truth of our society and is used for malevolent acts. This is what Bandish is all about. The Story revolves around a happy, loving family which includes a couple and their three daughters. The family is living a happy life until they became a victim of an evil women’s black magic. Madiha, played by the legendary Marina Khan is worried about her eldest daughter’s marriage.


Sania, played by our favourite Hira Mani is the eldest daughter who is of marrying age. Madiha’s husband Junaid (Sajid Hasan), falls for a beautiful women in her office, Sandal (Zainab Ahmed) who joins for evil means. Sandal is the sister of Sumbul (Farah Shah), who wants revenge from this family from a long time. Sumbul performs black magic and destroys the happy family, resulting in Aleena who is youngest of all, being possessed by evil spirit, Sania fails finding a proposal and Junaid marries Sandal.

Furthermore, the cast is chosen perfectly. Hira Mani as Sania, have won our hearts. She is performing the best of all. In this serial, Hira is seen with Salman Shaikh (Mani). This off screen couple is one of the most favourite celebrity couples. You all can imagine how adorable they would be in the serial. Their chemistry and love creates great scenes apart from the horror ones. Loved their chemistry!

As this serial is ending tonight, we are sure the last episode is going to give us goosebumps! Desperately waiting for it. This was one of my favorite serials. What about you?

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