Bay Dardi – Highlighting HIV AIDS

AIDS is a fatal disease. In Pakistani culture, it is considered so bad that even talking about it is regarded faulty. ARY just came up with a drama “Bay Dardi”. It features Bushra Ansari, Affan Waheed and Aiman Khan. The drama is highlighting AIDS and the society’s reaction to it.

AIDS is a viral disease that develops from Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV). HIV impairs the immune system of humans by invading primary cells which assist in fighting diseases and destabilizing infections. The virus destroys cells so swiftly that the immune system loses the ability to manage infections or diseases anymore. This way the human being becomes weak and prone to all type of infections. This is the point when HIV can lead to Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS).

HIV is considered fatal but it doesn’t kill directly. No one dies of AIDS directly but people die of all the infection that affect them when HIV invades immune cells.

The point of this drama is to reveal that this disease is not transmitted only via physical contact, but can also be forwarded through to other sources. For example, in this drama, a simple and sober boy named Shafay gets the disease transferred from one of his gipsy friend, Rohail, who uses his razor.

There is another side of the drama too. Showing the culture of Male-dominating culture, the drama depicts how the girls are blamed for everything that goes wrong. In this drama, Shafay’s wife Bia is blamed for it, who is an innocent middle-class girl.

The dominating mother of Shafay, who is in conflict with this marriage with Bia, gets to known of Shafay’s disease before him. She charges Bia for her character and blames her to be the reason of this AIDS transmission to her son. And the worst part, Even Shafay believes this, who already knows the innocence and background of that Bia.

We really appreciate the fact that this drama is highlighting the unspoken things of our culture. What do you have to say about it? Below is what the cast of the drama has to say about it.

Bushra Ansari

Aimen Khan

Affan Waheed


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