Biryani with Aloo vs Biryani without Aloo

Biryani with Aloo and Biryani without Aloo has been a rivalry between different people of Pakistan. The Lahoris and Punjabis don’t understand what actually potato is doing in biryani whereas Karachites never had a Biryani without potato. This battle doesn’t only stay at home or in public. Now referring to each other with Biryani with or without Aloo has also become pretty common on Social Media as well.

A throwback to a poll which Manal Aijaz started on her Twitter account with a threatening warning.

This tweet made Twitter a battlefield for all the biryani lovers, the ones who love the potato and the ones who don’t like the potato. This poll had a 5 days span. During this span 6362 participated in the poll and the results were very close. Biryani without Aloo won by 51% which was a big hit to all the Aloo lovers.

Soon after the poll ended on Twitter with the win of Biryani without Aloo, another poll started on Facebook by the page Humourist.

This poll had around 2320 votes and the results were same but with a better margin. This time Biryani without Aloo won by 54%. But this didn’t settle here. It provoked the battleground for the Aloo lovers and referring Biryani with or without Aloo has become very common on Social Media now.

Here are a few Gestures on Biryani with or without Aloo


And the list goes on. That was our take on Biryani with or without Aloo. Comment about your favourite Biryani and we shall see you soon.


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