The return of BITES AND VIBES to Karachi

FOOD PANDA has organized the coolest food market in Karachi with the best bites and chill vibes in December last year. I have been there with the family and absolutely loved the experience. It was a fun experience to taste the best of Karachi eateries at a cap price of just Rs 200. It was a one day event and we all wanted it back. Thank God and foodpanda for listening as they’re back with Bites and Vibes II in Karachi.

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Date: 18th February, 2018

Time: From Noon till 10:30PM.

Venue: Pavillion End Club (Click for Directions)

Entry ticket: Rs 200 available at the entrance.


Lots of bites with amazing vibes of music and family fun. Try the best dishes from Karachi restaurants at low price. Here’s a list of foodpanda vendors with their specialty servings at Bites and Vibes. I’ll miss Delfrio pasta and Big Thick Burgerz for sure. They were awesome last time.

  1. IlPosto – Italian pizza baked live
  2. Bon soir – sushi
  3. 8teas – waffles and different type of tea.
  4. Urban Otaq – Tawa fried and grilled fish
  5. Hot bombs – Stuffed Potato balls
  6. Chit chat and chai – Chai, paratha, bunkebab etc.
  7. Delina – Ice cream
  8. Aunty Lu Lu – Hyderabadi Cuisine
  9. Arabi’s – Shawarma, Kunafa, Muttabaq
  10. Frais Snow cones – Crushed Ice cones
  11. Heaven the waffle bar – Waffles
  12. D’OH – Churros
  13. Zhi Zhi Fan Chao – Chinese
  14. Potadose – Dancing potatoes and saucy fries
  15. Skewers – Prawn and chicken skewer
  16. 7UP – Official beverage partner


Some Pro Tips:

Go with family and friends and share your meal to enjoy more variety.

Say you’re going with 5 friends means you can share 5 plates, 200 each. On American system of course, you’ll just pay 200 but end up tasting 5 bites. How cool is that? Akhir dou sou rupay main aur kiya chahiae?

If you have UBL cards, you can buy entry tickets for two in price of one. ISN’T THAT A STEAL?

Unlike during buffets you don’t have to pay for drinks as 7UP will be serving (free) margaritas. At least last time free tha.

Ab aur kiya Chahiae? Kitna Mufta chahiae aur? Jaen aur enjoyzz lain.

For Reference, here’s my Bites and Vibes experience when it happened for the first time in Karachi. Don’t your dare miss it.

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#BitesAndVibes Returns to Karachi and you should not miss it



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