Bold Eyes + Bold Lips | Beauty Crime # 8

Beauty has so many definitions. Everyone has their own definition of beauty and for me, beauty is a balance; a balance of nature, a balance of features, a balance of everything. Beauty never comes from a makeover but from balancing the different aspects of beauty.

As everything in the world has some laws, beauty has them too and there are some exercises that are considered outlawed in the beauty world. That is the topic of this series so we will talk about a few of the Beauty Crimes and the reasons we need to stop doing them. The eighth one is

Bold Eyes + Bold Lips = Worst look ever


Note this in your Beauty Rules Book;

you must not carry bold lips and bold eyes simultaneously

or else you will end up looking like Ursula.

When you decide to carry bold eyes make sure to keep your lips nude or natural so your eyes catch all the attention and your lips don’t distract.
Same goes when carrying bold lips; when you have opted for bold lips, keep your eyes subtle so that they don’t cause a distraction.

Even if you are a bride, carrying bold eyes with bold lips will lead you to a disaster which you never want on your big day.

This is the eighth thing we consider as Beauty Crimes. We are having a whole series. Check the series here. Other posts are even more helpful than this one so go give them a read and show some love. Stick around to know more about beauty crimes that you must not do. And don’t forget to share it with your friends. Also, don’t forget to share all the things you consider as crimes in the beauty world. We would love to have your suggestions and might write an article on them.

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