“Cake” Review – Internal problems of a Burger Family


I went to watch Cake after reading the strong reviews of reputable publications. But before starting my review I need you to understand that I am just another ordinary man who went to watch a movie. I am not qualified to judge a cinematography and screenplay or other technical issues. I can only tell what an ordinary guy will feel watching that movie.


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The movie is a family melodrama. Zareen (Amina Sheikh) is a middle child who has always taken care of her parents in the absence of other siblings. Zara (Sanam Saeed) is Zareen’s sister and is running from her past but had to come back to Karachi due to health of their father. The story slowly unfolds and reveals the problems they have in their family.


During the first 15-20 minutes of the movie you will be trying to understand the relationships of each other. After that you will wait for something exciting to happen. Then you will realize that nothing good is gonna happen and you will continue watching it just because you have paid for the tickets.

The movie is so slow that it can make you fall asleep in theater. Acting and direction are the only things that can be appreciated in CAKE. But even a great actor like Amitabh worked in movies like Ram Gopal Verma ki Aag and Boom. You may also wonder why the movie is named “Cake”. Maybe this is the reason cakes are shown in total of 3 scenes in a movie of 2 hours.

I have seen literally hundreds of movies and I know what a good art movie is like. Hareem Farooq’s “Dobara Phir Se” released a couple of years back, it was also an art movie but a really good one which kept me captivated till the end. But Cake was a bitter disappointment. I have no idea why reputable publications were appreciating this movie which can bore you to death.

I would advice you to watch this movie only on cable tv or download it because it is not made for theater. When you are spending your valuable money on theater ticket then spend it wisely.


There were a few moments when you can hear some folk Sindhi songs in the background. Apart from them there is nothing.


You are free to watch if you still wanna go.

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