Careem Pakistan wants Sarfraz to sign up as their Captain and Its INSULTING!

Sarfraz Ahmed is the captain of Pakistan International Cricket Team and he earned that place with his hard work and struggle. I remember that time when he gave some wonderful performances and people were saying that he should be the captain of the team. So, he was made.

Yesterday, Pakistan was defeated by Bangladesh in the Asia Cup 2018 tournament. Before that, it faced defeat from India as well, and not once, TWICE! The thing came up very messy and everyone was scolding and trolling Sarfraz for his bad captaincy and unwise decisions. Not bringing Junaid Khan to the team was one of them.

Mocking and trolling is normal in this era of social media. But, insulting someone is not tolerable at all and Careem did that.

Have a look:

Careem officials should pay more attention to the service of them which is getting worse day by daya rather than insulting the captain of international cricket team which is so weird.

For people like us this thing was quite unacceptable.





And now, #DeleteCareemApp is the new trend going on.. Where it is demanded that such services should be abandoned ASAP.










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