LTN Family Feels Like a Breath of Fresh Air Among a Sea of Channels If you start browsing through the channels on your TV, you would lose the track of time and spend your entire evening choosing a show to watch. It is because of the countless variety of channels we have in this time and age. Although the quantity has increased, the quality is not up to the mark. However, there are few channels which provide high-standard entertainment and cater to all age groups. One such channel is LTN…

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What Happens When You don’t Have Sex!

Talking about this sensitive issue is quite taboo in our society as we are always taught not to discuss this. Sex is considered to be a pleasurable and fun thing but apart from these things, it may have some effects on you physically. You might not know what happens to your body when you do not have sex for a while. It feels good but its not about pleasure every time. Its about need! Stressed, Depressed If you are not having sex, you will be visiting some doctor for seeking…

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APT # 746 . . . 70 Minutes of laughter

APT # 746 I do watch stage plays at Arts Council whenever I get a chance and have watched legendary pieces like Pawnay 14 August, Sawa 14 August and Aangan Terha. This time a friend asked me to watch the play Apt # 746 at FTC Auditorium in Karachi. I had my reservations as I was not familiar with the team and haven’t watched much of their work previously. PLOT The play revolved around Abbas (Muneeb) and Amna (Fajar) who are in love with each other. Amna’s father is a…

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Stupid movie Analysis – Hum Aapke Hain Koun

HUM AAPKE HAIN KOUN So after long I decided to review a stupid bollywood movie and friends suggested this legendary movie named “Hum Aapke Hain Koun” A number of times friends and others suggested me to watch this legendary movie and write something on it. This one is also a cringeworthy sugarcoated pile of crap by Sooraj Barjatya so I needed courage to watch it. DETAILED ANALYSIS The movie started showing a big family playing cricket and a pilla named Tuffy is their umpire. How creative. Well shouldn’t expect a…

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The New TVC is something OUT of the BOX

Advertisement is the way of promoting a product in public and when it comes to some sensual type of advertisements, people in our country do not accept it the way it should be. Now is the time to change the thoughts and perspective towards these. Condoms ads are not common in Pakistan so people have high vulnerability in this regard. But, there is one thing that is very important that there should be no targeting and hurting people’s emotions. Ad creator can come up with such idea with which people…

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