A letter to Pakistani culture

My Dear Pakistani Culture, Hope your are doing good and flourishing well. I am writing this letter to tell you all your screw up ways I have been noticing since the day I was told “poora rasgulla nai kahana larkian aisay nai karti” (It was a family event, I was a second grader and I still miss my other half of that meethai). I was not qualified then, but now I am married and have a child so according to your standards I can voice my opinions, finally! Acha listen,…

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Education In Pakistan

Periodically, Punjab’s CM gathers the government officials from the department of education around a table for a meeting. They seem to discuss all the problems and work on the solution, as it seems but the on ground situation begs to differ as the school reforms in Punjab are taking place with a pace rarely seen anywhere in the world. Same goes for the rest of country. In fact, describing Pakistan as an under-performer in the field of education would be the understatement of millennia. Our education has long been atrocious.…

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There is a price for everything including education!

In the past few days, I have seen a large number of people, including parents, their children and members of civil society protesting against fee hike by private schools. I went through the comments and status messages on social media and found that one of their major concerns was the fee these schools collect during summer vacations. They blamed private schools for having no empathy for parents or children. According to the protesters, education is a basic human right and by raising fees, the private schools are depriving many from this basic…

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