What is Islam and What is Going On in The Name of Islam..!

Since our childhood, everyone of us has been studying Islamiat and the first thing we know about Islam is that it is the religion of peace and humanity. It teaches us to live with harmony and tells us that you cannot be a fine Muslim if any other Muslim gets hurt by you; in any form. Religion is to be purely followed for Allah but not other people. You are answerable to Allah and no one else. So, whenever you show off your feelings towards common people that you are…

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Celebs Favorite Junk Food

Who doesn’t love junk food? Accept it or not, all of us are fans of fast and junk food. And so are our favourite celebs. Despite their healthy diet and workout schedule in order to stay fit, all celebs love cheat meals and so have a favourite junk food. If you wanna know who loves what, just keep on reading. Jennifer Lawrence loves pizza View this post on Instagram ~day 5~ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 🎈jen in red🎈 * * #jlaw #jenniferlawrence #jen #30daysidolchallenge #challenge #idol #idolinred #red #dress #redstyle #style #ootd #outfit…

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We Are Boycotting Beaconhouse for showing Kashmir a part of India

Beaconhouse School System is considered to be one of leading schools chain in Pakistan along with their Educators School project. It has hundreds of branches in all over the country and millions of students are a part of this and have been in past. What is a school? A school is a place where students are supposed to get education along with ethics and other teachings. In all over the world, schools and other educational institutes work for their country and are on the mission to make their children better…

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Careem Pakistan wants Sarfraz to sign up as their Captain and Its INSULTING!

Sarfraz Ahmed is the captain of Pakistan International Cricket Team and he earned that place with his hard work and struggle. I remember that time when he gave some wonderful performances and people were saying that he should be the captain of the team. So, he was made. Yesterday, Pakistan was defeated by Bangladesh in the Asia Cup 2018 tournament. Before that, it faced defeat from India as well, and not once, TWICE! The thing came up very messy and everyone was scolding and trolling Sarfraz for his bad captaincy…

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Know Your Worth – There are Laws Available for WhatsApp Harassment in Pakistan

For past few years, WhatsApp has grown to be one of the top ranking app in Pakistan. It’s laying in your cell phone and by using just an internet connection, you can connect to people, share text messages, pictures, videos, audios, documents and even you can share your current location. So, the app is quite handy as there is this option of groups and trend is that many official groups are made to communicate an organization’s employees. You can share everything with this end-to-end encryption but you can be exposed…

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Indian media upset at Ambassador Ali Jehangir for bringing Pak and US closer

Pakistani Ambassador to the US, Ali Jehangir Siddiqui’s efforts for improving Pakistan’s relationship with the United States are bearing fruits. A powerful Jewish American group’s chairman supported Pakistan’s position on closer defense cooperation and recognized Pakistani nation’s great sacrifices in the war on terror. Ali Jehangir Siddiqui is the man responsible for this positive shift of attitude as all this happened after he met this group and advocated for Pakistan’s success in fighting terror. Unfortunately, since then Indian media is busy attacking Mr Rosen for his support of Pakistan and labeling him…

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Positives and Negatives of Your Star

There is no person on earth who is unaware of horoscope and once in life hasn’t taken interest in out of curiosity. Some of us don’t believe in it but sometimes we see things that are disturbingly true in them. There are a lot of things can be written in this context but I’ve listed down some positive and negative singularities of the star signs: 1. Aries Positive Traits Versatile Passionate Lively Positive Adventurous Negative Traits Arrogant Stubborn Indiscipline Argumentative Hasty   2. Taurus Positive Traits Generous Trustworthy Purposeful Independent…

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CINEPAX ANNOUNCES JOINT-VENTURE WITH LEADING ON-DEMAND STREAMING SERVICE STARZ PLAY Karachi: Cinepax, Pakistan’s favorite cinema chain, today announced a joint venture (JV) with STARZ PLAY, the fastest growing Streaming Video on Demand (SVOD) service in MENA to launch ‘STARZ PLAY by Cinepax’. The new service will grant subscribers access to thousands of hours of blockbuster hits and Pakistani, Hollywood, Bollywood, Kids favorites. ‘STARZ PLAY by Cinepax’ offers an impressive library of content licensed from the biggest Hollywood names. The service provides its customers a diverse array of blockbuster Hollywood movies,…

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5 Pakistani Mobile Apps Everyone Should Try!

When it comes to Pakistani Startup projects, we mostly heard of Sukoon, Patari and FindMyAdventure. Although these startups came handy in no time but their are many others which have the potential to bring convenience in your lives. Here are some of those out of the world sounding services: PriceOye! You can find out the exact price of your favorite smart phone anywhere but in Pakistan’s local market, no website having international price comparison would be in tune. So, either you can follow up the old-fashioned way of market touring or…

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There’s NO Comparison between Pakistani Dramas and Pathetic Indian Serials

Pakistani dramas always come up with best topics, characters and storylines. Here are some proving points for this……. 1. Highlighting Social Issues Pakistani dramas focus on raising the deficiencies of the system rather than putting efforts on Saas Bahu fuss; like in Indian serials. Where most of the story line is how saas is planning evil against her bahu or somewhere bahu is more wicked than her bholi bhali saas and wants her dead! Although, it started to reduce a bit in Colors serials but still there is a lot…

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