Store Vegetable The Right Way

Most people don’t take much care of how they store their vegetables in the fridge. Most people put the veggies in a synthetic bag, carry them home, and fill them in their fridge anywhere they adjust until they need to use them. If that’s the case with you then you are apparently stocking them the wrong way. If you want to know the right way to store your veggies just keep on reading. Onions must be kept in a cool and dry place Onions need to be kept in dry places…

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Healthy Alternatives To Your Favourite Unhealthy Breakfast

In the era of restless commutes and insane schedules, the most significant meal of the day can be easily neglected. Doctors are emphasising the necessity for a healthful breakfast. But what do they mean by healthful? Let’s talk about unhealthy food products and their healthy alternatives to have a healthful breakfast. Breakfast Sandwiches To Be Made At Home When you are in a hurry to the school or work, it is very convenient to grasp a sandwich on the way. They are undoubtedly tasty and apparently have all the basic nutrients…

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Your Sweet Tooth Needs These Donuts from Gustoso

So, I was encountered with the Gustoso donuts located at Packages Mall and surprisingly the experience was the yummiest one after a long time. The taste was awesome and satisfying. They were super soft and had very appropriate sugar quantity, for most of us are sugar conscious people.  A large variety of flavors is there including Nutella, Caramel, Vanilla, Strawberry, toffee caramel and many others. You can also have coffee, tea and different flavors of shakes from there. The prices are economical as simple donut costs 100 rupees and a…

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Daar Cheeni Hi-Tea – An Epicure’s Review

Food is a thing to cherish. Many of us are the food lovers and adore food to the extent one can adore. So, going to new places and trying new food every time is normal and most of people are more into this rather than scaring of trying new items and stuck on the same menu for years. Here is a review for a restaurant in Lahore which food gave me a good time and served my taste-buds in much better way. So, here we go. Daar Cheeni is a…

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Celebs Favorite Junk Food

Who doesn’t love junk food? Accept it or not, all of us are fans of fast and junk food. And so are our favourite celebs. Despite their healthy diet and workout schedule in order to stay fit, all celebs love cheat meals and so have a favourite junk food. If you wanna know who loves what, just keep on reading. Jennifer Lawrence loves pizza View this post on Instagram ~day 5~ ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ 🎈jen in red🎈 * * #jlaw #jenniferlawrence #jen #30daysidolchallenge #challenge #idol #idolinred #red #dress #redstyle #style #ootd #outfit…

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Easy Ways to Add Protein To Your Salad

Almost every day we talk about consuming healthy food. That too with the addition of protein in our daily meals. In today’s article, we will share a few ways in which you can incorporate proteins in your salad and have a healthy meal. Let’s jump into the article. Grilled chicken salad View this post on Instagram Δοκιμάστε την νέα σαλάτα Honey Quinoa Chicken με τρίχρωμη κινόα, κοτόπουλο, καρότο, καλαμπόκι, φύτρες φασολιών, honey mustard turmeric sauce!⠀ 2106199933 …🛵⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ #hippiebowl #hippiesalad #buddhabowl #lunch #lunchtime #chicken #chickensalad #getyourvitamins #eattherainbow #eathealthy…

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This chachajee’s Naanwich Is Definitely Not Your Ordinary Sandwich

Most of us are inclined to keep ourselves fill with some snacks while shopping or chilling at home. Sandwich is kind of a best snack ever. For breakfast, it works. For dinner, it works. For some random hunger cure, it definitely works. So, this desi foods national restaurant offers a large list of foods on their menu and everything tastes great. Earlier, I tried their bbq thali and some other stuff which was mouth watering and it will fill your stomach as well. Today, me and my brother were at…

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This Hara Masala Chicken Can Be A Delicious Addition To Your Menu

Most of us knew the use of peppermint (hara pudina) for making raita or chatni for your biryani and other stuff. But you can use it along with coriander leaves and green chilies for making a whole new dish and it’s yummy and satisfying. Yes Hara Masala Chicken. You can use mutton and beef too as per your preference. I made it today so thought to have it shared with you guys along with its recipe. Have a look at what i have made:         Here’s the…

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I Am Obsessed With This Yummy Churrasco Chicken by Bisteiro

Offering you quality Portuguese chicken, Bestreiro is the new addition in the food services in Lahore. Have you tried it yet? If no, then go. They have their eatery in Packages and Emporium Mall’s food courts. I have personally tried their Churrasco Chicken and Rotisserie Chicken which is served with two pita bread and their self-made yummy red chili sauce and garlic mayo. Taste is 10/10. The chicken is 10/10 tender. Crunchy, juicy and satisfying… The most delicious chicken!!! Especially when you are a lover of Portuguese cuisine, this is heaven. The taste…

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This Pizza From Domino’s is The Yummiest Pizza in Town

Domino’s Pizza is considered to be one of the best pizza shop in town. The taste is delicious and yummy. I was at fortress square with my squad and we were looking for something to eat but no one was agreeing on one place. So, finally after a long time struggle everyone agreed to have pizza on my suggestion. We ordered Domino’s special pizza and it was economical in price in the range of 1k. And was mouthwatering and lush in taste. And I guess you will find it just…

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