Why Saheefa Jabbar Khattak Is Afraid of Facing People’s Comments on Her Instagram?

Saheefa Jabbar Khattak earned a name in Pakistan Showbiz industry in no time. She was at first criticized for her hairstyle which was unacceptable for many people out there, not me! I remember I supported her at that time before some of my friends. Well, its a normal thing. Things like this happen and play a huge role in making someone famous and the apple of everyone’s eyes. After modeling, she moved to dramas and did a great job. Not the extra ordinary but not that bad. A couple of…

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Renewal of Mobile Cellular Licenses Needs Regularity Frameworks

With the aim of bringing some investment opportunities in the country, PM Imran Khan has formed a committee that is assigned the task to monitor and evaluate the procedure of the renewal of mobile cellular licenses of three mobile companies that will be generating a huge amount of revenue. It is necessary to come up with a license renewal policy as it will save the users from a sudden decline in services quality. So, these policies need to be made clearer and the renewal process is better before the expiry…

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Chaos in Telecom sector due to delay in license renewal

Licenses are required to be renewed after a certain period of time. Tension is building up among mobile service companies as the expiry date of their licenses is around the corner. Network operators are facing serious problems because of the renewal policy. Government have delayed the renewal by over a year now. This delay can result in serious problems in future and will have a grave impact on phone users. The telecom company plays a major part in pakistan’s economy. Be it foreign investments in billions of Dollars or providing…

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#ItsTimeToAct with Wasim Akram & Novo Nordisk

This World Diabetes Day Pledge to Act at the Right Time & Make the Right Choices. November 2018, Karachi, Pakistan – During November, 10th to the 20th, (Diabetes Awareness Month) Wasim Akram and Novo Nordisk are coming together to initiate a 2-week long campaign to not only spread awareness but to also trigger the right kind of lifestyle changes, choices that are essential to living with Diabetes. Wasim Akram invites Pakistan to take part in the #ItsTimeToAct challenge, a 2-week long challenge that will run online and is open for…

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Restaurants in which all Potter-heads want to dine in

Harry Potter is ruling half of the world and its fans love to find the essence of the magical world in everything. Inspired by these fans and the magical world, few restaurants have come up with the magical environment to make all the Potterheads feel like home. In today’s article, we will talk about a number of Resturants that are meant for Potterheads. And every Potterhead would love to have a grand feast in here.   Before further ado, let’s jump into the article. The Leaky Cauldron — Orlando, Florida…

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Coke Studio 11 Is Back With A Bang

After Muharram break, Coke Studio season 11 is back with it 6th episode. The season was good so far and in this episode it also gave us three great numbers we can count on for upcoming year of course. Hawa Hawa will be in my playlist for long time I know and Illalah as well. 1. Tere Liye   Tere Liye by Ali Azmat, Riaz Qadri and Ghulam Ali Qadri will take you on the whole other level of memorization and sweetness. Song with romantic lyrics have the guts to…

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Promises To Make This Independence Day – Part 3

Happy Independence Day Folks! Pakistan is rejoicing its 71st Independence Day this year and that makes me question about the kind of citizen we have been. We all kill maximum time complaining about our country, but none of our actions was productive. We have done nothing to contribute to our country and become a better citizen. Not much! There are so many things we could do, in my everyday life, that would indirectly do some good for the entire country. So, here I am, with a thought-out list of a few easy…

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Types of Rozay-dar… which one are you?

Let me introduce you all to the types of Rozay-dar we all come across in the month of Ramzan. 1- The Hoarder. These guys believe in eating anything and everything in suhoor and iftaar. Speed of their hoarding food is impeccable too! If you see them eating from a distance you might think that they are absorbing it all in! Although, watching them hog all the parathas, samosa, chaat and dahi baray ain’t a pretty picture at all! 2- The Hulk. Food is their weakness. They dream about biryani, they…

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A guideline for Fairy Meadows and Hunza

CHALLENGES YOU MAY FACE AT FAIRY MEADOWS AND HUNZA As you are already aware of the fact that I am not a youtuber. I am just an ordinary guy who documented his journey from Karachi to Fairy Meadows, Hunza and Naltar valley. I kept all the details in layman terms and my focus was not on the beauty of Pakistan. We all know how beautiful Pakistan is. My focus was on the challenges you may face throughout the journey and how you should handle them. I am very much sure…

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The blaming game…. it is NEVER the victim’s fault!

“jb bagair duppatay k bahar jae gi tu yehi hoga” “usko ghar banana nai ata, ghar tu aurat hi banati hai” “woh apni biwi ki zarooratain poori nai karsakta hoga” These are the statements we hear daily. Unfortunately, our ears are so used to them that we fail to comprehend how wrong they are!! Blaming someone or something is one of the ways human mind tries to cope with the loss. More than often people tend to blame the victim for whatever tragedy befell on them. Victim blaming is not necessarily…

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