Chickiza by bhooka brigade – A chicken lover’s dream come true

Like a true foodie, I keep trying new things and sometimes, I want things to be made differently. I don’t have a lot of time to try baking but I’ve always wanted a pizza or something like pizza to be more than a dough. Bhooka Brigade granted my wish as they introduced Chickiza – Crispy battered boneless chicken piece fried to perfection and topped off with gooey mozzarella sauce.


The moment I saw it on facebook, I picked up my phone and ordered it online. It was at my place in 45 minutes. In terms of taste and execution, I’ll give them a nine out of ten. It came is a cute box with some puns written on the side. The meal was beautifully wrapped and well protected.

The Chickiza looked and tasted awesome. The chicken was wonderfully crispy on the outside and fantastically juicy on the inside. Flavour-wise it offered a zesty and zippy combination tinged with the awesomeness of mozzarella and a bit of heat. The sauces were used in moderation, which I always prefer. I enjoyed the girth and flavor of the chicken filet.

Overall, Chickiza was pretty good and this addition makes bhooka brigade uniquely special among the other foodchains. Chickiza is well named and instantly recognizable, almost as much as bhooka brigade itself. And if you ask me, Chickiza is a foodie’s dream come true.

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