Daar Cheeni Hi-Tea – An Epicure’s Review

Food is a thing to cherish. Many of us are the food lovers and adore food to the extent one can adore. So, going to new places and trying new food every time is normal and most of people are more into this rather than scaring of trying new items and stuck on the same menu for years.

Here is a review for a restaurant in Lahore which food gave me a good time and served my taste-buds in much better way. So, here we go.

Daar Cheeni is a traditional desi cuisine in Lahore which promises to give you quality food items and an elegant atmosphere to enjoy the food. The rates are economical and overall taste is 8/10. Atmosphere is great, including open area backyard where you can sit for a cup of tea or can walk around to make a space during a 2 hours buffet. 😉

The resturant also offers you the event management and catering services in town. So, you can go on and try them.

We were there to enjoy the hi-tea buffet and it was a literally great experience. The variety of items was impressive and the taste of appetizers, main course and desserts was sharp and delicious. Everything was yummy and we enjoyed it overall.

Here are the rankings I would give to the items we tried:

Gol Gappy 9/10

Dahi baray 9/10

Fruit salad 8/10

Malai Boti 10/10

Pattis  9/10

Sandwiches 8/10

Lasagna 6/10

Potato slices with sauce 7/10

Pasta 8/10

Fried Rice and Manchurian 8/10

Chow mein  7/10

Sliders 6/10

Desserts 8/10

Mint Margarita 7/10

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Here is the complete menu

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