We have seen the world of advertisements changing. Most of the brands switched to innovative and creative ideas to promote their products.

A number of TVCs in Pakistan are quite irritating and people just switch their channel when a kid appears on TV trying to teach the ways to win a match. Another example of an irritating TVC is on air these days when a digestion tablet brand is trying to relate to cricket in a very bad way. So it is safe to say that we are in desperate need of some innovation.

DADI COOL by WAVES PAKISTAN featuring Bushra Ansari

Waves Pakistan tried something unconventional and came up with a remake of Boney M classic DADDY COOL featuring the elegant and ever green Bushra Ansari as the ultimate DADI COOL. Bushra Ansari uploaded the song on Chand Raat and it turned out to be a big hit. Now it is all around on internet, tv and on radio all the time and it remains good and addictive even after listening to it numerous times. Obviously there are always some trolls who try to demotivate a performer but Bushra Ansari dealt with them quite impressively.

Amazing thing is that DADI COOL is the most shared song on Patari this month.

Not just general public but renowned lady Faiza Saleem also gave a shoutout to the song

Are you ready for something super cool? Stay Tuned to Find out what has got Faiza Saleem so excited!#WavesPakistan

Posted by Waves Pakistan on Sunday, 30 June 2019

If you want my opinion I would like to be honest. Bushra Ansari looks elegant but in a cool way. The way she carries herself in this age must be appreciated. Her performance is highly energetic.

You can also check out the song here:

Waves Laya Kuch Naya, Kuch Super Cool!

Waves laya hey kuch naya, kuch SUPER COOL! Introducing, our new AlphaTriplet Deep Freezer, jis kay hotay huey ap karain araam aur Waves karay sara kaam kyun k Waves hai ab looks main bhe cool.#WavesPakistan #DadiCool #LooksMeinBhiCool

Posted by Waves Pakistan on Sunday, 30 June 2019

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