Dinner Buffet La Montana Isb – A Review

Last week, i had a chance to go to La Montana Islamabad for a dinner buffet with my family members. It is located on the Pir Soahawa Road, Margalla Hills right next to a famous restaurant Monal. The ambiance is perfect for a buffet. The view of Islamabad City looks so glamorous from that place. Moreover, Buffet charges are cheaper than expected.

The management of the staff is something which was unexpected. Management staff is poor and very non-cooperative.

Live Barbecue was the best thing in the Buffet. Malai Boti and Gola Kabab was a specialty. You hardly get that quality live barbecue at any place in that much reasonable price.

Desi Food was perfectly cooked. It was delicious. There was Italian and Mexican dishes too which were also tasty and cooked well. But some of the dishes were cold and they were not being warmed constantly.

The variety of sweet was in number. There were almost every type of sweet and every type was so delicious and tasty. Every type of cake pastries was there. If you are fond of eating sweet dishes, you can eat them first. Otherwise there maybe not room for it in your belly in the end.

The charges were so affordable and reasonable. Besides, there is no cold drinks or any type of drinks included in Buffet menu. You have to buy cold drinks separately and the cost of the drinks is almost 4 times than the original price of drinks.

I rate La Monatana Restaurant Islamabad Buffet as:
Taste 8/10
Ambiance 10/10
Management 2/10
Overall 8/10

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