Don’t want to vote? Think twice!

When you don’t vote..

A few days ago, I randomly did a survey by just asking common people in buses, malls, etc. that either they cast their votes or not. Almost most of the people’s answer was ‘NO’.

Yes, there are a lot of people who are unaware of the power of their vote.

Normally their is a concept, that no matter, you vote or not! Things will remain the same.

That is wrong.

When you do not vote, your vote can be used in rigging. Yes “دھاندلی”.

Remember! Your vote is your voice. Raise your voice. Use the power you are given. For, if you are not, you are withdrawing your part in country’s politics.

Change is up to you! Be the part of that change.

When you decide not to vote, then you are accepting whatever the voters are electing. You are okay with them. They are suitable for you.

There is a saying, “Bad leaders are elected by good people who don’t vote.”

Occasionally, an election is decided by just one or two votes. Although, it’s rare, but it happens.

And more likely, the result doesn’t depend on just your vote.

But if lot of people decide not to vote, like you, this will have a significant effect on the political outcomes.

This means that people with extreme views – people who are more into casting vote – have a relatively too small influence.

If you don’t vote.. POLITICALLY, you don’t exist.

Technically, the people who vote for people you dislike gain more power: their numbers may be not changed, but their opposition is decreased by one vote – YOURS.

If you will not show up, no one will care for that. Then you will just have to put yourself with those, whom they elected.

You don’t have a right to vote, you’ve got a duty to vote.

Vote Wisely..

You vote has the potential to make way for some wrong people to sit in right chair. So, it is the responsibility on us to think wisely who to vote and who is deserving and who is not.

Your Vote Matters, Don’t Lose It!


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