5 DOs and DON’Ts of Attending a Wedding

In Pakistan, with the arrival of winters, weddings come too. Almost everyone of us is invited to at least one ceremony and we plan to attend that and some people get to go on too many events during these three to four months.

We love to get invited and go to the weddings but most of us ignore some major points that we should do or don’t in a wedding ceremony. So, here I am going to enlist them. Consider them and be a good example.


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Most of us don’t know what RSVP means on an invitation card. This term came from a French expression which means, “please respond”. So, make a quick response as soon as you get the card and confirm your availability.

2. DON’T assume you have a plus one

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If the wedding card says only your name then go alone. Don’t take a guest with you until unless it is mentioned in the card. Also don’t call them to ask about this. If they had space, they would have written that earlier. Or if you are invited with your spouse, then don’t take your babies or any other person with you too.

3. DO come in time

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Weddings tend to be late but not you. The only person allowed to come late is the bride. Not you. Try to be there in time.

4. DON’T bring a large gift

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Doesn’t mean that you cannot gift anything of a bog size but its just don’t bring that to the venue as it creates a big problem at the end for the hosts to take those gifts to home. So, save the hustle and try to ship the gift to their homes if it is that big.

5. DON’T talk like forever

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Okay! Do talk to the bride and groom but don’t make it forever. Make a point to say hello but keep it short.

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