6 DO’s and DON’Ts of Fine Dinning

Going out to eat with friends is something casual but when you dine somewhere regarding some business meetings or meeting someone for first time, you gotta have some etiquettes with you. Fine dinning is not just a random place but it is a restaurant where you are offered a degustation menu, fresh cutlery for every dish and where they change their menu that suits the market availability. So, when you dine in somewhere like this, follow some don’ts there and enjoy your meal.

1. Dress up nicely

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Suit up! Its not for just to get dressed according to the place you are going to but also about yourself. A simple, elegant suit or blazer or simple denim look can work for guys and for girls some cool colors shirts and jeans or trouser can work. Your dress should be comfortable yet polished so do not go into sports dress. Nobody is interested in watching your legs so don’t wear any shorts kind of stuff.

2. Napkin

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Place napkin in you lap while eating and if you want to visit restroom place it on the table next to your plate. If you want a new one, just ask.

3. Mobile Phone

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I don’t care if you are a social media influencer and you need to be online every time or what level of candy crush you are on, I will judge you for using phone while dining. Engage the others with your conversation and make eye contact with them. Keep it old-fashioned.

4. Eating

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Fork on the left, knife on the right, elbow off the table, keep your mouth shut while chewing, don’t make noises, never lick your knife etc.,etc. Good table manners are second nature to most but in restaurants, its sacred, so be mindful while eating in public.

5. Winding down

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Alright, you are done. Food was delicious, service was incredible. Now it is the time to pay bills, just look around for some wait staff and ask by just scribbling your signatures in the air stating that you will pay now.

6. Leave a tip

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Leaving a reward for good services is one of the best things you do at restaurants. Ten percent of the amount is a nice amount to tip for your meal. Go on, feel better!

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