Easy Ways to Add Protein To Your Salad

Incorporating chicken into a salad is one of the easiest and quickest ways to pack in protein. Adding chicken to the salad will grip you for longer. Turn out a healthy and highly pleasant meal by supplementing with avocado, seeds, fruits, and home-made dressings.

White beans are an excellent source of protein. It will keep you full for longer while adding some flavour and texture to a salad. One can combine beans into a salad you already love. Get a regular garden salad and top it up with a completely bean-based bowl at home.

Salad topped with loads of Nuts


Almond flakes, walnut pieces, or cashew chunks can assist in adding protein to a veggie-based meal. Most nuts can work as a whole meal. They are also a great way to divert your salad to the sweeter side. Nuts will add both crunch and protein to your meal.

You can mix roasted almonds with oranges for a whole meal packed with protein that will treat your taste buds.

Heard of high in protein salad dressing? There is such a thing as a high-protein salad dressing. Handmade dressing can assist to boost some protein to your bowl of veggies based salad. Peanut butter dressing can promise 17 grams of protein per serving according to a recipe. And there are hundreds of such homemade dressings that can work as your protein pack.
This is it for today’s article. If we want a part 2 of this let us know in comments. Incorporate these simple foods to your meal and have h happy healthy long life. STick around for more healthy articles.

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