Education system in Pakistan: Some deficiencies usually not talked about

Education system is so very important for the growth and prosperity of a country. It brings awareness to people for how to perceive different things and react to them. It makes a nation strong and civilized.

Pakistan at this time, is facing too much real problems as poverty, terrorism, tolerance, lack of awareness, illiteracy and a very inefficient education system. Education sector is very much neglected and their are many factors that are usually talked about like planning and management, social constraints, funding and some others etc.

When talking about real problems, there are so many other factors that everyone of us neglects. We just feel them, criticize but we do not bother to make a difference. At our own place we can change that. Some of them here I want to discuss:

  • Unequal Education System

We seriously have this issue as there are multiple educations systems going on here. Cambridge school system for elite class, Pakistan secondary school system for middle class and Madrassa education system for poor ones as they can’t afford such expensive education so they go for the free one.

Why is this? Religious and cultural education should be for everyone and the poor can also learn how to speak and read English.

  • Private schools in every single street of cities and just one school for multiple villages 

There are so many schools in one area for a city with no standard. Teachers are not professionals and student’s careers are on risk. These schools are just for business purpose but not with the betterment of education system. On other hand, rural areas have just one school for a number of villages for that many people do not send especially girls to schools.

  • Evaluation system is rigid and aimless

The students evaluation system does not evaluate them on the base of their creativity but their memory capacity is assessed. The GPA or percentage is given more importance, rather than giving importance to the skills or the learning. And then Entry Tests for the universities are made to assess the conceptual minds of students which totally collapses down.

  • Parents rigid behavior for selection of fields

“Mera beta to engineer bny ga” and “Meri beti doctor bny gi” and they on other hand, build up their minds for other fields they are comfortable with. This thing is not acceptable for parents in Pakistan, which they should change.

  • Biased attitude of teacher

Why do teachers even do this? Shouldn’t we change this? Yes we should. Teachers should understand every student but favoritism is a thing which destroys both type of students, favorite ones and the ones who aren’t.

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