Facebook to get a ‘dating’ feature soon for EVERYONE

Are you single? And sneak into others inboxes for finding matches? Wait is going to over as Mark Zukerberg has announced to introduce a new dating feature for everyone in the main app.

Well, it will help people to get in a “meaningful relationship”. The feature will show only first name of the user and there will be complete privacy in that.

They will match people’s mutual interests and friendships. And then suggest them to each other. People will find the matches through mutual groups and events. People will see the ones going to the same event and have activated the dating profile as well.

Hehe. Well, may be then people will get to have their crushes by this. Lets see how it will work or not be the mess, I am feeling of it be.

How the dating will be different from current facebook profiles

The user’s facebook profile and dating profile will co-exist and the facebook friends will know that you have signed up for dating profile. So, question is, to unfriend those who we don’t want to know..? Or is their privacy option for showing them or not!

And may be it will take down tinder and other dating apps and be more approachable or may be do not get that fame. Lets wait and see.

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