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Most of you who are reading this article would be kids in 90s. You would have definitely watched “Half Ticket Express” as a kid. But if you don’t know what I am talking about you have missed an amazing block of cartoons full of lessons from daily lives and you should head over and watch it soon after reading this post.

If you don’t know what “Half Ticket Express” is it is a block of 5 different cartoons that used to make 2 hours of 90s kids worth laying in front of the television. This block of Cartoons comprised of

  • Franklin
  • Bob the Builder
  • Andy Pandy
  • Dragon Tails
  • Kuala Brothers

In this article, we will take you through every cartoon series one by one so that you could understand why it’s worth watching “Half Ticket Express” even now.



Franklin is a story of a turtle who can count till two and has learnt to tie his shoes. He has a best friend “bear” and a favourite blanket. Franklin comes up with a new story in every new episode and the kids of every time can relate to his stories. Whether it’s finding your special talent or it’s counting on your parents, Fraklin teaches us all the goods life comes with.

Bob The Builder


If you haven’t watched “Half Ticket Express” I am sure most of you would have watched Bob The Builder. This is a story of Bob with his crew which teaches us the power of teamwork and unity. Bob and his team give us some serious lessons on how we can accomplish any goals with our combined efforts.

Andy Pandy

Andy Pandy just takes five minutes of “Half Ticket Express” but this overloaded cuteness can make your day even when you are dull and off.

Dragon Tails

Dragon tails is a story of siblings who end up reaching dragon land somehow. In dragon land, they make some dragon friends and have some new ventures to take on. These adventurous stories give us some really amazing fantasy goals along with the lessons of how every problem can be solved with the help of some wise people, friendships and wisdom.

Kuala Brothers

These cute little characters can steal your heart even without a story. But they have some really amazing story and some very powerful lessons. These two brothers, that are koala brothers, help every single individual no matter what and that is why they are loved by their whole community.

If you haven’t watched “Half Ticket Express” yet, now you know why you should head over to it right now. Don’t forget to comment below if you liked our suggestion.

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