Haris Sohail’s Maiden Century Shut The Critics Up!

Haris Sohail has been target of the critics for a long time biggest of them is Sikandar Bakht.

“I think Haris Sohail isn’t mentally strong – He saw jinns and bhoots” : Sikandar Bakht

“I think Haris Sohail isn’t mentally strong. If we look at the past, I don’t want to discuss this but I am just using it to explain my comments… He saw jinns and bhoots and disappeared for 2 years because of this illness of seeing things. He isn’t that mentally strong. He plays for 3 months then disappears for 2 months and gets injured. His mental approach and concentration isn’t strong though he has a good technique. He hasn’t hit hundreds or any big scores. I don’t like such players, the best players play long innings.”

I don’t know why Television ask these kind of people to come for analysis. Criticism for criticism is just a normal thing for these people. Was he seeing jinns and bhoots in his knee? He faced an intense knee injury and that kept him away from his career for a long time but this is his hard work and will-power. And today he scored his first test match hundred against Australia just as he scored hundred in one day matches against the same opponents.

Sikandar Bakht was even talking against him before the match and criticizing over his selection.


Come on, look at his attitude:

Haris Sohail: “I am a very polite person so I didn’t even look at the Australians. Once or twice they had a few words to say to me but I ignored it.”

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