5 Reasons to Incorporate More Almonds to Your Daily Routine

In our desi cultures, we are always advised to incorporate almond in our daily routine. But no one really told us how almonds really benefit us.

1. Natural antioxidants

Flooding out toxins and replacing missed nutrients is essential to cell growth and repair. While this is performed consistently by the body, the vitamin E found in almonds has resources that limit tissues from oxidative destruction, so much so, that a single spoon of almond butter could provide up to 30% of your daily Vitamin E requirement.

2. Energy boosters


Athletes are frequently witnessed utilizing protein supplements and energy drinks before and after working out. Almond milk is a certified source of rich muscle-building proteins that when replaced with regular milk in your diet, it can go a long way in an active and fitter life. Woke muscles = woke mind!

3. Cholesterol maintenance

Utilizing almonds on a regular basis can build the high-density lipoproteins (HDL) cholesterol levels and decrease the low-density lipoproteins (LDL) cholesterol levels – attaining a balance that is vital for your body to function effectively.

4. Keeps diabetes at bay

The lift in glucose and insulin levels; particularly following meals, can be overcome with almonds every day. They assist in regulating the conversion of glucose, making the whole method extremely smooth and safer.

5. Strengthen immune system

According to investigations, food products such as meat, wheat, refined sugar, and processed items can make your body create acid, which can be bad for you. You need an equal quantity of alkaline foods to balance out the acidic levels in your body, and this is where almonds step in. Aside from being a good source of alkali matter, they seek out all damaging elements in the body that can develop chronic diseases and can be horribly dangerous to the body’s organs. Hence increasing your strength to attack off diseases like a pro!

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