I encountered two families who rejected my RISHTA for my dark skin – This Girl has a Sassy Story for You!

A friend of mine sent me her story that she wants to share with you all so here I am telling you in ger narration.

Here’s her words..!

I am a well-educated girl and a blessed wife who got married a couple of years ago with a well-establised, good looking and the most caring person but finding him was not easy. Trust me, it wasn’t!

Here is a fact, I am a girl with dark complexion. Normally, I had not faced anything bad for that from people around me as they all loved me. Right after my graduation, my parents started looking for a rishta for me. They hired a couple of rishty wali aunties and they started bringing families to our home every second day. People used to come,  eat stuff and left without uttering a single word and after that no word from them.

In this process, almost 4 to 5 families were those who literally humiliated us by saying ‘ap ki beti ka to rang hi kala ha’. One said, ‘hmain to apny bety k liye khoobsurat larki chahiye’.

Some said such words to rishty wali aunty rather than saying directly to us but right in front of my family.

Then one day there came a family, mother, father, two sisters and one grand mother. They came through the reference of someone known to my father. Well, we arranged hi-tea for them including a variety of fancy food items. When I came out of my room and in the lounge, the sister’s face was like she saw someone dirty or unwanted. Well, the mother said to my mom that ‘behn ji, ap ki beti ka to rang sanwla ha jb k mere bety ki pehli demand ha k larki chahy km prhi likhi ho pr gori chitti ho. Ap ki beti parhi likhi ha to hogi, hmain pasand nhi ai.’ 

After that, as they were taking tea, they finished that by sitting for 10 more minutes (which should not have but..) and then left.

Those lines were too harsh but I just ignored as they were such arrogant that I do not need them.

Almost same events happened a couple of more times where there was no respect in people to behave at such points. Well, after that I was liked by one family and I got married there.

Now, a couple of months ago, we were looking rishta for my little brother and in this process, we went to total 5 families. In which 2 rejected us, 2 were those who came to our home for me but humiliated us like we were so down and 1 last was our final. My parents had faced the pain of my rejection so they knew that how much the feelings of a girl and her parents hurt when they got rejected with no solid reason.

Coming to the point, when we entered their house the rishta we were there to see was for the same girl who turned away her face with offensiveness after looking at me. I was stun and unable to think what to do. So, I just sat quietly. My mother also remembered that so she just said that ‘ap ki beti hmain pasand ha mgr hm saada sy log hain or itny nakhry waly logon k qabil nhi hain..’ We then did not eat anything and just left.

I was feeling somehow bad that we should not do this as there will be no difference left between them and us but my brother did not agree. His choice.

Then after some time, we again encountered with one more family who rejected my by making fun of my skin color and same words my mother used again. And talking about their daughter in law, she was no doubt so white and beautiful but she took her husband away from them and they had not meet with him for almost a year.

I was surprised that how come I encountered those same people in this huge world but may be sometimes some things happen. Happen beyond our imaginations. Just hope for good and I have a thing for girls that never give up hope and trust Allah.


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