Dr. Imran Ali Shah of A.O. Clinic for PS129 Karachi


It’s no surprise that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf is the fastest emerging political party. A political party which is supported immensely by youth and a single mission which is to make our country Pakistan better. Either one support PTI or not, but nobody will ever disagree with the fact that PTI is the only political party which has highest number of educated people on board. Not only they are highly qualified but they have proved themselves in their respective fields.



Similar is an example of Dr Imran Ali Shah, a person who made a contribution towards his country Pakistan even before he joined the Pakistan Tehreek – e- Insaf. Not only him but even his father has earned respect in the society, serving the nation since a very long time and establishing a hospital by the name of A.O Clinic, Institute of Trauma and Orthopedics.

It is pertinent to mention that we as a nation require educated people to come in limelight and to play their role for the betterment of the country Pakistan. This is the only way our country can succeed and can establish itself as a prosperous country. We should certainly support such educated people for the betterment of the society and our country as a whole.

I met him personally and asked a few questions

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