These Indian Weirdos Just Can’t Digest Respect

Navjot Singh Sidhu is an Indian cricketer who used to play cricket with Imran Khan and is one of his good friends. So, after Imran Khan elected as the Prime Minister of Pakistan on 25 July, Sidhu pa ji gave a green signal to attend the oath taking ceremony of him as an ambassador of peace so he came yesterday.

And today he was the part of that ceremony.

He was caught on camera at various moments but one moment was worth mentioning where our COAS was hugging him and greeting him for coming here. And Indians; some extremist Indians were not seemed be much happy about that!

Indian’s reactions on him being a part of Imran Khan’s big day!

Paresh Rawal uncle! We like you but come slow, you do have all our attentions to you as we make you part of our memes daily.. So, don’t panic of not being in news!

O you people are some hateful bunch of craps, you know? I mean come on!


Kaisy kr lety ho bai? Kaisy?

His sitting with the president of Aazad Kashmir was really a pain in their ass…



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