Indian media upset at Ambassador Ali Jehangir for bringing Pak and US closer

Pakistani Ambassador to the US, Ali Jehangir Siddiqui’s efforts for improving Pakistan’s relationship with the United States are bearing fruits. A powerful Jewish American group’s chairman supported Pakistan’s position on closer defense cooperation and recognized Pakistani nation’s great sacrifices in the war on terror. Ali Jehangir Siddiqui is the man responsible for this positive shift of attitude as all this happened after he met this group and advocated for Pakistan’s success in fighting terror.

Unfortunately, since then Indian media is busy attacking Mr Rosen for his support of Pakistan and labeling him anti-semitic. And this is not done by some random blog, this propaganda war was initiated by leading newpapers of India including Economic Times which is a part of the prestigious Times of India group of newspapers. It is both sad and shameful to see such a display of insecurity and pettiness. They not only attacked Mr Rosen in their articles but also wrote some meaningless propaganda in their articles with really substandard headlines.

Writing stuff like, “A real estate developer, Rosen is connected on both the US and Israeli sides. He regularly speaks out on Twitter in defence of Israel, against anti-Semitism and White supremacists”, they also tried to damage the increasing support from the American group for Pakistan suffering in the war on terror.

Pakistanis took it to twitter and here’s what they had to say about the issue:


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