Is it bad to read too many books?


Too bad.

If you are a bookworm, you should have known these things that can happen. Reading books is amazing and great as you get your vision broader and build up a good knowledge for you. But reading too many books can lead you to some frightful outcomes.

An average person reads 4 – 6 books a year. So if you are going for more than this, then the situation is quite alarming.

1. You begin to loose originality

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You read too many books and result in loosing your originality and step towards more plagiarized thoughts.


2. You become paranoid over world’s problems

The real world seems to be the worst place to live as you start to live in the fantasy world described in books. Well, “real life is not like the fairy tales” is sometimes quite accurate.


3. You confuse your memories with book plots

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You remember something and them just realize that oh that was something happened in a book. Most of the time you experience déjà vu and then same, appears that you have read it in some book. So, your memories sometimes literally collapse with the plots in books.


4. You can’t even sleep in curosity

You are reading an interesting book full of suspense? You will definitely want it to end in one go. So, you will compromise your sleeping routine. It is definitely not good for your health.


5. You will ask a lot of questions in class

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You will start to annoy your teachers by asking too many questions back to back. Also adding them to and correcting the statements of them.


6. You begin to hate or fall in love with fictional characters

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Yes, you will hate, and love the characters of the books and you start building up opinions about the characteristics of the person in your mind. This leads to the over thinking habit.


7. You spend all your money on books

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You spend all your money in buying new books every then and now.


8. You wish you have even more time to read

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You read one book and then another and then another wishing that you have more time for reading. You sometimes spend the whole time in this than doing some other stuff.

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