Italian-Pakistani woman murdered by father and brothers in the name of “Honor Killing”

An Italian-Pakistani woman, Sana Cheema was killed in the name of so-called honor killing by her father and brother in Gujrat. Police told that they killed the 26-year old and buried her body in an area of Gujrat on 18th of April. They framed it as an accidental death. However, through social media calls, it came into known that it was a murder.

According to police reports, the girl’s father wanted her to get married with one of his relative. But Sana wanted to get married in Italy. So, for that, they planned to kill her by calling her to Pakistan. She came here in Pakistan in January and never returned back after that.

Investigations are started in Pakistan as well as Italian ministry is also interested in reaching the cores of the case. They are keen to bring out the accused ones to justice. In this process, her father and uncle are arrested.

People from italy and all over the world are protesting for her and demanding justice in this context.


They have started a whole campaign for finding out the truth about her.

We also want justice for her and other many girls who are being killed in the name of honor killing.

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