Know Your Worth – There are Laws Available for WhatsApp Harassment in Pakistan

For past few years, WhatsApp has grown to be one of the top ranking app in Pakistan. It’s laying in your cell phone and by using just an internet connection, you can connect to people, share text messages, pictures, videos, audios, documents and even you can share your current location. So, the app is quite handy as there is this option of groups and trend is that many official groups are made to communicate an organization’s employees.

You can share everything with this end-to-end encryption but you can be exposed any time through one thing; SCREENSHOTS. Yes, and one cannot deny it!

Where there is good, there is bad. There is always a category of people who use these means falsely and can threat one or harass them by unwanted calls or messages. There are rules and laws in many countries regarding this thing as in Pakistan.

Let’s See It

WhatsApp Calls and Messages Can be Traced

You must know that the calls and messages can be traced. So, if someone is harassing and threatening you then you can connect to FIA’s Cybercrime Wing and complain them. All these things can be traced with just a single call.

Deleting Messages Won’t Help

If you think that by deleting messages or clearing your call history the thing will erase permanently then that’s where you are wrong! You cannot.

Available Laws on WhatsApp Harassment

Here we will briefly discuss the laws that are available if you face any harassment via WhatsApp.

  • If someone shares unethical pictures with you, there is 5 years prison, Rs. 5 million fine or both.
  • If you are harassed by someone in a WhatsApp or privately through any abusive content – other than pornography – there is 3 years prison and Rs. 1 million fine or both.
  • If someone has hacked your WhatsApp account by any mean, there is 3 year imprisonment and Rs. 5 million fine or both.

There is also the punishment 3 years imprisonment, 1 million fine or both for

  • Allegedly seeing and checking someone’s WhatsApp
  • Sending teasing messages or calls even after receiving warning to not contact again
  • Spying/stalking on WhatsApp

Stay Safe by

  • Not replying to any suspicious message or attending any call
  • Not opening any suspicious link especially starting with http not They can be spam and harm your protection, device and data.
  • Never click key block while using WhatsApp Web

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