5 Makeup Rules Royal Ladies Have To Follow

Members of the royal family are constantly in front of the camera. Their publicity grows even more on particular events. Just like the recent wedding of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry. Anyhow, Royal women’s clothing, hair and makeup are always on point. The reason is these beauty practices that the royal ladies swear by.

No Bright Lipstick

You will never see a woman from a royal family rocking brightly coloured lipstick. It is simply forbidden to wear red or any bold lip colour. Using any shade other than nude or pink is considered inappropriate. One of the benefits of this rule is that the royal ladies will never be caught up with lipstick in their lips.

No Heavy Contouring


Royal Women are not permitted to emphasize their cheekbones at all. Royal females should regularly hold natural makeup. They can refresh their appearance, if they like, by adding a little bit of a blush.

No Heavy Eye Makeup


Royal Women never carry full glam makeup. You will never see a smokey eye, winged liner or falsies on a royal lady. Royal makeup customarily consists of a slight eyeshadow and mascara. That’s it.

Makeup Should Be Long Lasting

Queens, princess and other women of privilege regularly attend the various kind of activities which can be held outside. Most of these activities continue for many hours. Royal makeup must stay faultless no matter how hot, windy or rainy the weather is. The key to makeup staying in place all day long is to use a very good powder and a makeup fixing spray.

No Bright Nail Polish

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Royal women like to maintain their nails short and coat them with a semi-sheer nude nail polish. The main rule is to keep their manicure simple and tidy.

These were the 5 rules Royal women swear by. And if you want to look like royal women you will have to follow these rules. Do tell is in the comments which one is your favourite.

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