Manzoor Pashteen: The voice behind ‘Yeh jo dehshat’gardi hai, iske pechay wardi hai’

BBC quoted, ‘Manzoor Pashteen: The young tribesman rattling Pakistan’s army.’

Well, this statement from outer world is somehow hurting for many Pakistanis as Manzoor Pashteen selected to gain support where criticism against army is quite rare.

Manzoor Pashteen is a human rights activist from North Waziristan raising voice for peace and talking about releasing the missing persons after Pakistan Army’s operation in Waziristan in 2014. His Pashtun Tahafuz Movement caught strength after the murder of Naqeeb Ullah Mehsud in Karachi.

via Dawn

Apparently, his cause is peace and means no harm to anyone and just for the welfare of Pakhtuns, but unacceptable thing is that he is targeting Pakistan Army as terrorists. It clearly is stated in the slogan.

These sub-nationalists ethno-fascists were hiding in when Tehreek-e-Taliban was raising hell over KPK and now when Pakistan Army has thrown them away after sacrificing 4 generals to thousands of high ranking officers and soldiers, they want army to remove the check posts so that Talibans can crawl back in Pakistan.

Somehow, Army has already planned to reduce their influence in there and give hold to local government and police department. There has been 33% reduction in Check posts in FATA.

His anti-state slogans are destroying the image of Pakistan on the face of world. Whole world’s media is talking that Pakistan Army is facing hard time by a 26-year old Pashtun.

My family say: if you are killed, then at least you will have done something for the people.

Manzoor Pashteen
He is someone who has re-branded all of TTP’s terrorist acts as acts by Pakistan Army including the APS massacre. Althugh, his lies have been exposed which has reduced him to a laughing stock. 
The Pashtun agitator tweeted this fake picture with caption “The houses of innocent Waziristanis destroyed by Pakistani army” 
via Twitter
Whereas, the picture was posted by Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty in 2011.
via Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty

In another tweet, he said, “some days ago injured in south Waziristan due to Pakistani army planted IED. Its 20th blast in army control/clear areas in this year.”

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Those were actually planted by TTP terrorists. Around the world, IEDs are exclusively used by terrorists and guerrilla-fighters, not the armies. Pakistan Army has itself lost countless personnel to TTP-laid IEDs.

Now after getting exposed he has denied his tweets, claiming this twitter account was fake and he has nothing to deal with that. All these tweets are 2 years old, when no-one even knew him actually. Why would someone make a fake ID with his name and post such stuff against Army.

ISPR has responded to his demands, being ready to neigotiate and said him “our son”.

Army clearly considers mainstreaming of FATA.

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Here’s how Imran Khan responded and clearly stated that the solution is to merge tribes with KPK, but for this they will be so many to face as there are many Achazais who do not want this to happen.

And here is Hamza Ali Abbasi’s tweet about this whole situation.

via Twitter

And can you see this?

via Youtube

The main thing they are carrying out with them to get support from people is that, they are asking for nothing more than to-be treated with a bit decency and respect. They are tired of being shot in the streets like a wounded horse, they are tired of being snatched of the streets to never be seen again and they are tired with having to go through at best a kangaroo “court” on whether they live or die.

All this by putting false allegations on Pakistan army. The people supporting them are not wrong, might be this had become so unbearable for them, but in war, you have to sacrifice. We have sacrificed not only those people but also army has sacrificed their thousands of braves for keeping peace.

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