Meesha, Ali controversy is still on.. Here’s their colleauges reactions

We all know about the going on issue of Meesha and Ali Zafar as Meesha accused him for sexual harassment. So, on this allegation, other people of the industry are not silent and have some views about bith of them.

Some are supporting Meesha, some are talking on behalf of Ali and some are neutral and want to get some official investigations.

Iffat Umer supporting Meesha Shafi

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I have to address the elephant in the room. It’s not easy for me because I know both of them and both are from highly respectable families.I read Meesha’s accusation multiple times and then I saw Ali’s reply. My analysis is simply based on facts. Meesha is a superstar who is really successful, and earns as much as the male stars in this country. She is educated, a perfect wife, and a super mom. She is young and extremely beautiful. So why would she do this if she was not hurt?Many people are claiming that she is doing this for fame or money????Hain?? She already has more than enough of both. Ali’s argument is that he is a son, father and husband.. Well so are some of the worlds worst killers, rapists, frauds etc only if this could stop men🙇‍♀️ #isupportMeeshashafi Repos Repost#Repost @meesha.shafi with @get_repost

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Waqar Zaka talking for Ali Zafar in his own very bold style lol

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Urwa Hocane also spoke for Meesha

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Armeena Khan also raised her voice and said:

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Usman Khalid Butt

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Momina Mustehsan

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And at the end, Imran Khan is giving “Mashwra” to Ali Zafar.. A Meme…. 😉

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So, lets see, what comes up next in this whole thing…..!


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