Meesha or Ali? Who is Wrong and Who is Right?

Obviously, who we are to judge someone when we don’t even know them personally, so…. we are not doing any kind of judgment here but there are some things that a normal person cannot take off of his/her mind. Sexual Harassment is not a joke. It is not a thing to just let go, so if someone is accusing others, a proper case must be drawn to go through all facts and figures to find out the guilty one. Meesha Ali Controversy is the case just like this.

Till now, you must be thinking that the writer is at Ali Zafar’s side. No I am not. Not even a point nine nine nine nine percent. Not at all! And for Meesha? I never liked her, dunno why but she wasn’t at my favorite list. She never was, she never will be.

But here I am talking about some real facts as a layman. Some real things as a woman. I guess almost many of us have gone through some kind of harassment in our lives, I am not talking about only sexual one but some other types of harassment and I am so damn sure that almost none of us will have a proof of that until unless its a text message talk and screenshots are our weapon.

A year ago, under the hashtag of MeToo, Meehsa Shafi accused Ali Zafar of harassing her. After that Ali Zafar filed a case and a few days ago, the court released him as a clean person. This is the point where I was shocked when I saw people changing sides and dignifying Shafi. Stop doing this, guys! It’s disgusting. Court works on proofs and sometimes you do not have them but it does not make you wrong every time.

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