A letter to Pakistani culture

My Dear Pakistani Culture,

Hope your are doing good and flourishing well.
I am writing this letter to tell you all your screw up ways I have been noticing since the day I was told “poora rasgulla nai kahana larkian aisay nai karti” (It was a family event, I was a second grader and I still miss my other half of that meethai). I was not qualified then, but now I am married and have a child so according to your standards I can voice my opinions, finally!

Acha listen, before I write anything just remember that I love you and everything I am writing is for your own (people’s) good.

I’ll try to be kind even though you were horrible to me. You made me step back a million times from things I wanted to do. Anyway here is my list I really want you to work on.

You are Confused!

Yes,  you are confused between Islamic rules and Indian traditions. Its high time you PICK ONE and then stick to it! it is not fair to use Islam where it benefits you (like a man’s second marriage), and then totally ignore it under the name of “traditions” (like jahaiz).

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You are Nosey!

For the love of everything that is sweet and pure learn how to LIVE AND LET LIVE!  Trust me it is very easy and satisfying to let people do whatever they think is right for them , except if they are breaking a law then please punish them, but other than that just let people live!. If a couple wants 5 kids let them have 5 kids. Another couple wants no kids then respect their decision and stop asking “bacha kab aye ga?”. If a girl’s priority is her career and not shadi then let it be. And If a guy wants to be a chef then wish him well. As for me, I want to ride a bike and dive with sharks (yes I want to) please let me do it and stop your “log kia kahain gy” nonsense

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You are Judgemental!

I request you, infact I beg you to stop making snap judgments!. Do not label people just by looking at them. A  girl’s dressing is not her certificate of character, and a boy’s education is not a surety of his good future. It is the mind set (Tarbiyat) and values that should matter PERIOD.

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You are Hypocrite!

Please oh please get a grip on your HYPOCRISY especially when it comes to relationships. I mean cumon man it’s not okay at all that a daughter in law has to get up at 7am to make everyone’s breakfast while the dearest daughter sleeps till 12noon. You know right, that it is NOT daughter in law’s responsibility to cook and look after her parents in law, but still if she is doing so then respect her, love her and do not I repeat DO NOT bitch about her!


You are Discriminatory!

Finally  just stop your awful GENDER DISCRIMINATION!! Matlab a man can do anything and everything while a woman has to think again and again before even taking another breath cause of her izzat! Please don’t think girls as liabilities and boys as assets!

you tell me if this is the correct way to greet a new born’s parents?

people to a baby boy’s parents : “Mubarak ho baita hota hai”

people to a baby girl’s parents: “koi baat nai agli dafa baita ho ga”.

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Baby girls are beautiful and the best thing that can happen to a couple trust me I have one and she is just amazing (mashallah).

I know my requests are brutal, but they are honest and it will be really helpful for us all if you can manage these changes. you will become a better culture for everyone to live and enjoy.

with lots of love,
A Pkaistani daughter, sister, wife and mother WHO IS ALSO A HUMAN.

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4 Thoughts to “A letter to Pakistani culture”

  1. Aimen

    🤭 can’t eat a full rasgullah 🙄. Aunty ji I can eat 2 gulab jamun. One stuffed in mouth and the other one in hand. 😝 if I feel like, I can go for third one too

    1. Jaffary.M

      Now that I am married and fulfilled the purpose of my existence I too can eat as much meethai as I want to, but I still miss that rasgullah 😓😓

  2. Noureen

    My favorite was beti kay shadi kay liye paisey bachakey rakho, Masters karna zaroori thori hai **SMH** superb article!

    1. Jaffary.M

      Aarghh the people 😠😠

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